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Discount Salt Crystal Lamps From The Foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

The Himalayas are the most unpolluted, unexploited and peaceful part of our world.

The salt crystals that come from the foothills of Himalayas are the best crystal formations due to their location, depth and the temperatures under which they were formed.

  Salt is transparent and crystalline. There are alternate bands of pink, red, and apricot colors. With 18 working levels, and a cumulative length of 40 km. the Khewara range is known as the museum of Geology, where one can find rocks dating back to pre-Cambrian times, 600 million years ago.

Salt was being mined from Khewra even before the arrival of Alexander the Great.

Many of us live and work in surroundings dominated by technology; computers, TV's, copy machines, printers microwaves, air conditioners, heaters, just to name a few. These so called "conveniences" emit an excessive amounts of positive ions into the air we breath, which can result in mental and physical exhaustion and effect overall wellness.

The most DANGEROUS levels of positive ions occur in POLLUTED CITIES. Exhaust fumes from cars, trucks, and buses; factory smoke, cigarette smoke, dust and soot, and electro-magnetic pollution all combine to create a potent mixture of POSITIVE IONS and OZONE that gradually destroys our lungs and ruins our health.

Perhaps you have noticed that your feeling of well-being is intensified in pure mountain air, or at the seashore, near a waterfall or after a thunderstorm. This is due to the higher concentration of negative ions in these surroundings. It is no coincidence that healing spas are, as a rule, located in areas with foaming salt water or roaring mountain springs which generate plentiful negative ions which causes air particles to achieve electrical or ionic balance.

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